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Heeddooh is an innovative system that allows a user to interact with a big screen simply using a Smartphone

The smartphone takes control of the content shown at any kind of digital screen (TV / digital billboards), with no further link that a simple QR scan


Who we are

Our team is a group of IT  and signage specialists.  We have developed a lot of IT interactive projects on the ultimate software platforms thats why we are in the cutting edge of technology.

Our experience  let us to achieve  singular IT goals like this innovative solution.

This kind of projects need several profiles. Interactive designers, graphic designers, 3D artists, database managers, web and graphic programming between others.

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Scan & control

In order to interact with the ad, a QR code will be shown on the screen. Next to the code, there may be instructions on how to scan and control the screen. These instructions can also be shown periodically while the ad content is present. Clients can scan the QR code with their smartphones, and that will lead them to a website that acts as a remote control of the big screen.


Is there something like this in the market?

We have not detected any advertising solution like Heeddooh in the market.

The closest approach would be touch sensitive advertising screens, but they require a more expensive solution and physical access to the screen, which gets fingerprint stains and may be easily broken.

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What applications does Heeddooh have?

Large screens control in sports arenas - Theatres and show rooms - Clothing stores: see a clothing piece on the models - Travel agencies: access information about travel offers - Real state agencies: visualize a flat or a house at your pace, unattended - Gyms: check the routines and exercises that you must do, interactively - Car dealers: show vehicles not in stock - Restaurants: check the menus or pictures of our dishes being consulted by a group of clients

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Competitive advantages

With Heeddooh…

Contactless screen

You do NOT need to touch the screen. Ever. Not a chance to break it, given that clients control the screen at their pace with no touch involved.


Advertisement of the store’s products will be engaged interactively at the client’s pace.

Distance independent

The screen can be behind glass, a display inside the store or in the ceiling, where no one has physical access. You only need visual contact, which could be miles away!

Multiple screen 

Control the client’s viewing experience, in one or multiple screens which may be even miles apart. From a single smartphone, you can control the advertising campaign of your whole fleet of digital screens very easily.

Complementary information

The smartphone can present complementary information about what’s being shown at each moment at the big screen, such as additional details about an article or an voice over explanation.

Innovative solution

Stores showing this kind of advertising will turn it into something different, better than what’s available now, a much more attractive experience for the client. At the same time, this approach shows the store’s commitment with technological innovation.

quotesbegin.png We’ve found Heeddooh to be a competent partner that helped us successfully implement our internal mobile strategy. quotesend.png

Jaime Torres

Head of IT Services, ESAT. Higher School of Art & Technology.

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